We're ditching our day jobs, one dreamer at a time, and we need YOU to help spread the word. You already love the Don't Keep Your Day Job mission, so join our team as a Dreambassador and get exclusive perks, swag, discounts and insider info only Dreambassadors get.

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This isn’t just a community. It’s a powerful movement that’s built by you.

This Dreambassador Team is our soulful cohort that’s going to amplify the message that we all know is true: Each and every human being has something to contribute. It is SO possible to turn your passion into a profitable, heart-centered business. There’s no shame in wanting a life full of abundance and purpose. You are so deserving of it. 

There are so many wandering souls who don’t know this. They haven’t unlocked their purpose and their gifts, and then they wonder why they’re so unhappy and unfulfilled.

We’re about to change all of that.


We have a ton of yummy perks to thank you for carrying out this amazing mission, including...

    • Swag, swag, and more swag! Coffee mugs, hoodies, journals, and so much more!
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    • A mastermind session on Zoom with me
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    • $100 in product from past DKYDJ guests like Bobbi Brown, Emily McDowell, Brian Giniewski

Sound's amazing, right? Here's where you come in...

We'll be sending Dreambassasors assignments to help spread the mission and let other people know about the life-changing initiatives we have going on here at Don't Keep Your Day Job, like Cathy's upcoming book! The more you participate, the more amazing perks you'll unlock! 

Questions about the Dreambassador Program? Email us at [email protected]

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